Autumn roses in Tokyo that are even more beautiful in the rain japan 神代植物公園の秋のバラ 雨 薔薇園 fall 4k

Jindai Botanical Garden in Tokyo is a botanical park where seasonal flowers bloom on a vast site.
Known as a famous place for roses, the scale of rose cultivation is the largest in Tokyo.
About 400 species of 5,200 roses in spring and 5,000 roses of about 300 species in autumn are in full bloom. The rose garden is large and well maintained.
Being here feels like an oasis in the city.
The roses that bloom on a rainy day are the best. Am I the only one who sees the water droplets on the petals like jewels? A macro lens is used for the close-up of the roses.
To get here, you will have to take a bus from multiple private railway or JR stations. The number of buses is relatively large.

雨の日に咲くバラは、最高です。花びらの水滴が、宝石のように見えます。 バラのクローズアップは、マクロレンズを使用しています。


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You can see the scenery and flowers of Tokyo, Yokohama and Kamakura.