Yokohama International Passenger Terminal 飛鳥Ⅱ クルーズ 客船 大さん橋 横浜 japan

撮影日 2021年8月19日 昨年夏にスマホで撮影した大さん橋の飛鳥Ⅱです。青空に映える豪華客船飛鳥Ⅱは、白亜の宮殿のようなたたずまいでした。白い客船には、青空がよく合います。横浜大さん橋国際客船ターミナルは、国内、国外のクルーズ船の寄港地で多くの客船が停泊します。 長さ430m、幅70mで屋上からの眺めも最高です。PACIFIC VENUSも停泊中でした。

Shooting date August 19, 2021 Asuka II of Osanbashi taken with a smartphone last summer. The luxury liner Asuka II, which shines in the blue sky, looked like a chalk castle. The blue sky goes well with the white liner. The Yokohama Osanbashi International Passenger Ship Terminal is a port of call for domestic and foreign cruise ships, and many passenger ships are moored. The length is 430m and the width is 70m, and the view from the roof is the best. PACIFIC VENUS was also moored.

Akai Kutsu(Red shoes) is a bus that goes around tourist attractions in the center of Yokohama. It also stops at this Osanbashi and the popular Yokohama Chinatown. The departure point is in front of Sakuragicho station, which is next to JR Yokohama station. You can get on at the stop where this Akai Kutsu bus stops on the way.

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曲名 夕空の単独飛行

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You can see the scenery and flowers of Tokyo, Yokohama and Kamakura.